The first time I saw Shane West was on the ABC TV Series Once and Again where he played Eli Sammler which starred Sela Ward (loved her on the TV show Sisters, she is now on CSI: NY!), Billy Campbell (he is now on a show I watch which is really good called The Killing on AMC), Evan Rachel Wood (I recently saw her in the HBO Miniseries Mildred Pierce which starred Kate Winslet, wow quite a performance!) and other great actors! But getting back to Shane, don’t mind me if I start to ramble on about something totally out of what the blog is about, I tend to connect alot of dots with actors/actresses, kind of like the Kevin Bacon game…Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon but mine tend to go past the 6 steps! LOL

Shane West, yes back to Shane West…Shane was born Shannon Bruce Snaith on June 10, 1978. He was born down south in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to parents whom were both musicians. He has 2 sisters Simone and Marli Ann. Shane is also a pretty good musician, in 2005 he was cast to play Crash in the Germs biographical film What We Do Is Secret named after a song by the Germs. He performed with Pat Smear, Doom, and Bolles at a production party for the film, after which the Germs re-formed with West as singer. They performed a number of tours in the US, which included performances on the 2006 and 2008 Warped Tours. Shane is also the lead singer of the punk rock band “Jonny Was”

Shane was also on another TV Series ER on NBC (another one of my favorite shows! love Maura Tierney who played Abby Lockhart, beautiful lady!) where he portrayed Dr. Ray Barnett. On the show his character was a talented doctor but struggled with conflicting commitments to the medical profession and his life as a rock musician. I remember the character as being crude and manipulative, too bad cause he was sweet on Once and Again, but he made the nastiness believable and that is real talent!

I liked it when his character became romantically involved with roommate and colleague Neela Rasgotra. There was tension between the two because she was married at the time but her husband was away serving in Iraq, and died while over there. They remained friends, although Ray attempted to start a relationship which proved unsuccessful and was affected by the arrival of new character Tony Gates, played by John Stamos. He was hung up on her despite her not being interested. Sadly, Ray was hit by a truck when walking home drunk from a bar following a fight with Tony Gates at Luka Kovač and Abby Lockhart’s wedding. When Neela found out she visited him at the hospital where she discovered that both his legs had been amputated. I remember that myself as being kind of horrifying to see! I did not expect that! Poor guy! Anyways at the end Ray expressed his disappointment and resentment toward Neela for leading him on. Shortly after, Ray left Chicago to return home to Baton Rouge with his mother. We learn that Ray has been writing to Neela and does not blame her for the accident. Ray returns and is in better spirits and tells everyone he now works in the disability and physical rehabilitation field, helping amputees and handicapped patients in a clinic in Baton Rouge. Ray and Neela both have supposedly moved on in other relationships but when Neela sees Ray with another women she gets jealous. Neela leaves County and, though many thought she was headed immediately to a position at Duke University’s Hospital, she flies to the rehab clinic where Ray is working. In the final moments of the episode, Neela and Ray are finally reunited. I am glad they ended up together and that you got to see a lighter kinder side to Ray. I really miss this show, always looked forward to Thursday nights at 10pm and ER! Some great talent on there! Alot of them have gone on to other shows and movies! Hmm perhaps I need to do a blog on ER and those who starred on the show…

Shane is now on another series which is on the CW called Nikita, where he plays Michael. The show is based on the French film Nikita (1990), the remake Point of No Return (1993, which starred Bridget Fonda), and a previous series La Femme Nikita (1997, which starred Peta Wilson & Roy Dupuis, another one of my favorite shows!) It took me a few episodes to get into this remake if you want to call it that, had to get used to Maggie Q playing Nikita (I was so used to Peta Wilson) and Shane West playing Michael (Roy Dupuis was Michael I mean I like Shane but it took a little time to get used to him playing the role…you know when you liked a certain actor that played the same role previous it is hard not to compare!). Anyways I do enjoy watching it and maybe you do too…feel free to comment and let me know how you feel about this new series…

Now onto some interesting facts on Shane:

SHANE WEST TIDBIT: Shane starred in the movie A Walk To Remember with Mandy Moore.

SHANE WEST TIDBIT: Shane was in the movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

SHANE WEST TIDBIT: One of Shane’s nicknames in high school was “Legs” because he was tall and a star basketball player.

SHANE WEST TIDBIT: From seventh to tenth grade Shane was very introverted.

SHANE WEST TIDBIT: Shane was a dork in high school. Wow how times have changed!

SHANE WEST TIDBIT: Shane has dated actresses Rachael Leigh Cook, Monica Keena, and Marla Sokoloff.

SHANE WEST TIDBIT: Shane was the singer-guitarist for his L.A. based punk band, Jonny Was.

SHANE WEST TIDBIT: Shane’s band members in Jonny Was are Ben Gould and Jerry Fitzgerald.

SHANE WEST TIDBIT: Shane was on the TV series Once and Again as Eli Sammler.

SHANE WEST TIDBIT: Shane had a band called Average Jo.

SHANE WEST TIDBIT: Shane is a Gemini born on June 10th.

Now if the rag doll’s go-cart doesn’t race with the baby carriage and slip on the banana skin as though it had on roller skates…I will tell you about another celebrity in 7 days…who shall it be…well you will have to stop by and see…until then make it a great week!

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