One Step Beyond TV Show – *Goodbye Grandpa*

Okay I was thinking about this show I saw quite a while back and decided to do some research on it…

The show was an episode from the late 1950’s – early 1960’s TV show One Step Beyond…

A quick synopsis on One Step Beyond – The show was out about the same time as the popular The Twilight Zone. It lasted three seasons on ABC from 1959 to 1961, ninety-six episodes were filmed. This program sought out ‘real’ stories of the supernatural, including ghosts, disappearances, monsters, etc., and re-creating them for each episode. No solutions to these mysteries were ever found, and viewers could only scratch their heads and wonder, “what if it’s real?” Each episode of One Step Beyond had a different cast. Many had well-known guest stars in the lead roles. The program was hosted by John Newland.

The show had 3 Versions of the Opening –

One Step Beyond Opening Narratives:

Version #1: “Have you ever been certain the telephone would ring within the next ten seconds? Or have you ever walked down a strange street before and had the feeling you knew what laid beyond the unturned corner? Yes? Then you’ve had a brief encounter with the world of the unknown … a small step beyond. Now take a giant one.”

Version #2: “I hardly know what to tell you about the next half hour. Except it was reported as true by those to whom it happened. It has been investigated and no one as yet has been able to explain it or disprove it. Have your ever had the feeling that you knew what someone was going to say just before they said it or have you ever walked into a strange room and had the sensation that you’ve been there before? Well. if you have, you’ve taken a small step beyond. Now watch a giant step.”

Version #3: “Come, you’ll witness things strange, unexpected, mysterious, but not to be denied. Join me now and take One Step Beyond.”

Anyways the episode I saw was titled Goodbye Grandpa and originally premiered on June 14, 1960 (Season 2, Episode 38). In this episode we have a mother named Nan (Anna Karen), her dreamy-eyed son Doug (Donald Losby), her cynical daughter Callie (Candy Moore), and Grandpa (Edgar Stehli), a former railroad worker who talks only of the past. They all live together in a three-room shack at the end of a broken train rail and despite their squalid surroundings, Grandpa assures the children that life is worthwhile if they only have the patience to “look and listen”; he also promises little Doug that he’ll never leave him without saying goodbye. But Grandpa dies before keeping his promise, breaking Doug’s heart…until a strange and wonderful manifestation occurs. He rides past on a train to say “good-bye“ one last time to his grandson.

Goodbye Grandpa episode starred Edgar Stehli as Grandpa, Candy Moore as Kelly Wylie, Anna Karen as Nan Wylie and Donald Losby as Paul Wylie.



Stars of Goodbye Grandpa Tidbits:

-Edgar Stehli was on an episode of The Twilight Zone in 1960 where he played Professor Sam Kittridge in Long Live Walter Jameson. He has guest starred on a lot of TV shows including Tales of Tomorrow, Lights Out, Suspense, Gunsmoke, Cheyenne, Sugarfoot, The Defenders, Hazel, Dr. Kildare, The Rogues, I Spy, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and many more!


-Candy Moore has guest starred on some TV shows which include Leave It to Beaver, The Loretta Young Show, Wagon Train, My Three Sons, Rawhide, Bachelor Father, The Lucy Show, The Donna Reed Show.


-Anna Karen has been seen in the TV shows Wagon Train, The Farmer’s Daughter, Hazel, Peyton Place, Gunsmoke, Iron Horse, Marcus Welby, M.D., Project U.F.O.


-Donald Losby was on an episode of The Twilight Zone where he played Venusian on the episode Mr. Dingle, the Strong (1961). Some of his other TV credits include Raintree County, Hey, Jeannie!, The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet, The Andy Griffith Show, The Deputy, The Rebel, Bonanza, Adventures in Paradise, The Wide Country, Rawhide, Wagon Train, Route 66, The Fugitive, Ben Casey, Lassie, Lost in Space, My Three Sons, Gunsmoke, Daniel Boone, The Young Rebels.

I hope you enjoyed my blog on just one of the many episodes of One Step Beyond…I will be blogging more in the future on other episodes and the stars that were on them! Stay tuned…..

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