I Love TV Commercials – Part 1

Do you all remember as a child waking up on Saturday Morning to watch your favorite cartoons (which I will be blogging about some of those in the future) and seeing all those great commercials on those new toys you just had to have and the yummy cereals with that surprise toy inside the box (didn’t it seem you always had to dig to the bottom of the box to find it?!), plus many other cool ads we had back in the day….well here is the start of what will be continued in additional blogs as there were many commercials that were sometimes as much entertaining as the shows we watched!

Hasbro Lite Brite…oh how I loved my Light Brite…you could make such pretty pictures with this toy with all the little colored plastic pegs that fit into a matrix of holes and illuminate to create a lit piece of art. You could use the paper templates that came with it or make up your own designs! I used it as my night light! The commercial jingle went…Light Brite making things with light…what a sight making things with Light Brite – Light Brite, the toy that let’s you create beautiful pictures with light – Light Brite making things with light – Work with colorful pegs that glow with light, light bulb not included, make people, animals, things, and with refills Bugs Bunny or Bozo The Clown – Light Brite making things with light – You can make lots of pretty pictures with Light Brite from Hasbro.

Remember Mikey from Life Cereal…What’s this stuff – some cereal it’s supposed to be good for you – Did you try it – I’m not gonna try it you try it – I’m not gonna try it – Let’s get Mikey – yeah, he won’t eat it, he hates everything – He likes it, hey Mikey – When you bring Life home don’t tell the kids it’s one of those nutritional cereals you’ve been trying to get them to eat…you’re they only one who has to know…
What was neat about some of these ads was that they featured some of the actors/actresses from favorite TV shows that we loved…

Maureen McCormick, you remember her as Marcia Brady of the Brady Bunch did a few commercials back in the late 60’s early 70’s. She did a Twist and Turn Barbie Doll Ad. This was approximately two years before The Brady Bunch first aired on television in 1969, and she has the same hairdo that Marcia Brady wore on the first season of the show. Other commercials she did were, 1970 Living Barbie Doll, Chatty Cathy Doll and Kool Aid.

David Cassidy (my childhood crush) did a commercial for Kelloggs Rice Crispies Cereal in the early 1970’s which featured TV mom Shirley Jones. It went something like this…Wake up Keith we’ve got to leave in 15 minutes – oh we’ve got Shirley fixing breakfast, wake up Keith – Wake up Keith – Keith is turning over wants to sleep, wants to sleep – This always works – Kellogg’s Rice Crispies hear the roar, let ’em pour – I think I’m waking up – We’ve got sleepy Keith Partridge waking up, waking up, Snap, Krackle, Pop waking up – Wake up like me, wake up with Kellogg’s Rice Crispies…

The whole cast of The Partridge Family did a Rice Crispies commercial too!

Child stars Jenny Lewis, Jaleel White, and Lindsay Price did a Toys R Us commercial in 1982. They all made an “updated” version many years later in in 1996 which they are doing the same activities, only older! It was supposed to show that they still didn’t want to grow up! The jingle went something like this…I don’t want to grow up I’m a Toys R Us Kids – They’ve got a million Toys at Toys R Us that I can play with – I don’t wanna grow up I’m a Toys R Us kid – They got the best for so much less you’ll really flip your lid – From bikes to trains to video games it’s the biggest toy store there is – Gee-whiz – I don’t wanna grow up cause maybe if I did I couldn’t be a Toys R Us Kids – More games, More Toys, Oh Boy! – I wanna be a Toys R US Kid!


Well those are some of the wonderful commercials I remember from my childhood and I hope they brought back some great memories for you…more to come later…stay tuned…

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