Brandon Call was born Brandon Spencer Lee Call on November 17, 1976. He has 3 older siblings, a brother named Dustin and sisters DeeAnne and Tandi. He began his career as a child actor on many commercials one which has never aired here in the United States it was done in Japan, for a mark of noodles (I have no idea what that means, lol, noodles as in pasta? don’t know, hmm).

He went on to acting in the mid-80’s with small guest roles on such TV shows as Hotel (which starred James Brolin & Connie Sellecca), Magnum, P.I. (which starred Tom Selleck) and Simon & Simon (which starred Gerald McRaney & Jameson Parker). But what show I remember first seeing Brandon on was one of my favorite soap operas Santa Barbara where he played ironically Brandon. He was so little and cute!

This is something I didn’t know about Brandon…He auditioned for and was original cast as the star character, “Kevin Arnold,” in The Wonder Years, only to be replaced at the last minute by Fred Savage (wow, I can’t see anyone else playing Kevin than Fred Savage, interesting).

In 1987, when he was 11 years old he did a TV show called The Charmings which was a fantasy sitcom that aired from March 1987 to February 1988 on ABC. From 1989 to 1990, he portrayed Hobie Buchannon on the first season of Baywatch where he played David Hasselhoff’s son, Hobie Buchanan (who later was taken over by actor Jeremy Jackson). Brandon apparently left Baywatch because the show was not very popular during its first season, and only became a phenomenon after the focus turned toward the beautiful lifeguards on the show, as opposed to well-written storylines.

Brandon’s most substantial role was as J.T. Lambert on Step-By-Step which aired from 1991-1998. This show starred Patrick Duffy & Suzanne Somers. The Lambert family was a middle-class family and the entire premise of the show was familiar to that of the Brady Bunch. Frank Lambert, the character J.T.’s father, was divorced and had custody of three children, including the character J.T. Frank Lambert impulsively married Carol Foster, a widowed woman with three kids of her own. The families merged and the episodes followed the family members as they matured and got to know each other.

In 1996, while leaving a taping session on the Step By Step set, Brandon was attacked by an unknown gunman in an apparently random attack after a traffic dispute. The gunman shot him in both arms. Luckily, he was not seriously injured and made a full recovery. After Step By Step was canceled Brandon retired from showbiz. Brandon is divorced and has a daughter.

Brandon Call Tidbits:

-He was born in Torrance, California.

-His nickname is Bodi.

-He performed in a Las Vegas stage appearance as a pint sized Elvis impersonator when he was six years old.

-He had a guest spot on the Hulk Hogan series “Thunder in Paradise” in 1994.

-He was asked to leave Baywatch in 1998 when it was picked up for syndication as he had grown almost as tall and muscular as David Hasselhoff who was then producing and starring in the show. David wanted Hobie to remain a boy for a few more seasons so he was replaced by Jeremy Jackson, who was three years younger and dark-haired instead of blond–and supposedly had a much better singing voice than Brandon’s.

-His daughter was born in 1998.

-He donated many items to Rocky Stone to be given to less fortunate kids as part of the Toy Mountain Campaign.

– In December 2005 it was reported that Brandon was Living in San Diego, California, and working at his parents’ gas station and raising his daughter.

So if the pussy cat doesn’t claw the tail of the letter Q and make it look like a big, round O, I’ll tell you another story in 7 days!

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