The Young and the Restless (Soap Opera) Part 2 – Snapper Foster

Dr. William “Snapper” Foster Jr. was an original character since the show went on the air in 1973, the role was played by William Gray Espy from March 26, 1973 to July 1975, and David Hasselhoff from 1975 to May 1982. Espy briefly reprised the character from February 28, 2003 to March 5, 2003, and Hasselhoff briefly reprised the role from June 15-21, 2010.

I remember David Hasselhoff as Snapper better than I remember William Gray Espy, I guess I was more into the show when David was on it. I loved his relationship with Chris played by Trish Stewart.

Anyways, as a student going through medical school, the character was given the nickname “Snapper” because of his personality of quickly snapping on people that he disagrees with. When the series opened (in 1973) Snapper was having feelings for two women, Chris Brooks the daughter of newspaper mogul Stuart Brooks; and Sally McGuire, a waitress who worked at Pierre’s.

As the eldest son, Snapper was helping his mom Liz Foster who worked as a factory worker, put his brother Greg, through law school and keeping a big-brother eye on his sister Jill Foster who dreamed of being a fashion model while working as a beautician, their father William “Bill” Foster, deserted them seven years earlier, so Snapper was the “man of the family” so to speak. Stuart Brooks, Chris’s dad was not happy that Snapper was interested in his daughter, especially when he found out that Snapper was also seeing Sally, Stuart even went as far as telling Chris that Snapper was cheating on her. Chris moved out and went to work as a secretary for Snapper’s brother Greg, unaware that Stuart had financially helped his new law practice in return for her employment. When she found out, she angrily quit. Greg was especially saddened because he had fallen in love with Chris.

Snapper and Chris continued to see each other. Chris was violated by a man named George Curtis. Through that ordeal Snapper offered her emotional support but unfortunately still was finding his own pleasures with lover Sally. Sally had fallen in love with Snapper, too, and was desperate to keep him. In spite of her friend Brad Eliot’s advice that she’d only end up getting hurt, Sally decided she would fix that and she threw away her birth control pills and got pregnant by Snapper. Meanwhile, Snapper was growing more and more fond of Chris. He broke off with Sally without knowing he would be the father of her child. With Snapper’s encouragement, Chris was able to file charges against her attacker. Unfortunately, because of lack of evidence, he was not convicted. Determined all the more to stand by her side, Snapper proposed marriage. It took him a long time to get her to accept, but Chris finally did and they became engaged.

Sally was devastated when she found out about Snapper’s engagement and took a drug overdose, but Brad saved her life when he found her and rushed her to the hospital. Later when Sally was out and about again, she intended to tell Snapper that he had gotten her pregnant, hoping he would break his engagement to Chris and marry her instead. Liz found out and successfully did her best to change Sally’s mind about interfering with Snapper’s future. Sally accepted Pierre’s proposal and they eloped a few days before Chris and Snapper. Although Snapper overheard the conversation between Sally and Liz, Snapper had no intention of changing his plans. He and Chris exchanged their vows in a lovely ceremony.

Snapper and Chris were very happy and content living as a married couple in their small apartment (but of course you know that happiness does not last for very long on a Soap Opera, LOL) Chris became pregnant but miscarried after finding out that Snapper was the father of Sally’s baby, Chuckie. Chris separated from Snapper and accepted a job as a social worker in Legal Aid working for Greg. Snapper then fell for Dr. Casey Reed. Their relationship did not last long though as Casey had intimate issues. Eventually Sally moved away and Chris and Snapper were once again together.

In 1975, Snapper had finally convinced Liz to have his father Bill declared legally dead. Although little did they know he was alive in the next town. Bill did make contact with his family by letter and when he returned they all embraced him, except for Snapper. Bill was very ill and Snapper did come around and made amends with him. Bill was eventually hospitalized and was put on life support. He pleaded with Liz to pull the plug. Because she didn’t want to see him suffer, Liz did so. But she suffered a stroke and forgot that she did it, so Snapper was accused of killing his father. Luckily Liz’s younger son, Greg was now a practicing lawyer who got Snapper cleared of murder charges, and Liz was never charged.

In the late 1970s, Snapper and Chris had become foster parents for a little girl named Karen Becker (this little girl was adorable and was played by Brandi Tucker) as her mother Nancy was institutionalized and her father Ron was a rapist. When both Ron and Nancy became more stable, Snapper and Chris returned custody of Karen to the Beckers.

By 1981, Snapper and Chris had given birth to their daughter who they named Jennifer Elizabeth Foster after Chris’s late mother Jennifer Brooks and Snapper’s mother Liz. Snapper’s former lover, Sally McGuire, re-entered Snapper’s life with their son, Chuckie, who was seriously ill. Sally was still attracted to Snapper but he told her that he was not interested and for her to move on with her life. When Chuckie was cured, Snapper shared an emotional good-bye with both Sally and Chuckie as they returned home with Sally’s fiancee, Stan. At some point Sally & Stan divorced and Chuckie discovered that Snapper was his father. One month later, Snapper left town for a three-month fellowship opportunity in London. Chris at first refused to joined him but not long afterwards she realized her place was with Snapper and joined him in London. Liz, Stuart Brooks (Liz’s husband), and Greg moved to London as well by the end of the year.

In 2003, Liz arrived in Genoa City with Snapper and Greg from their home in England with the news that she was to undergo brain surgery. Knowing she may not survive, Liz felt it was time to admit to Jill that she was adopted.

In 2010, Snapper and Liz came to town to visit Jill, Liz told Snapper who Jill’s parents were, but begged him not to tell. Snapper agreed, but told Jill after Liz died. He left town shortly after.

List of Characters & Actors/Actresses that played the role:

Dr. William “Snapper” Foster Jr. – William Gray Espy from March 26, 1973 to July 1975 – David Hasselhoff from 1975 to May 1982

Christabel “Chris” Brooks – Trish Stewart 1973-1978, 1984 – Lynne Topping Richter 1978-1982

Stuart Brooks – Robert Colbert 1973-1983

Sally McGuire – Lee Crawford 1973-1974, 1981-1982

Liz Foster – Julianna McCarthy 1973-1985, 1986, 1993, 2003-2004, 2008, 2010

Greg Foster – James Houghton 1973-1976, 2003 – Brian Kerwin 1976-1977 – Wings Hauser 1977-1981, 2010 – Howard McGillin 1981-1982

Jill Foster Abbott Fenmore – Brenda Dickson 1973-1980, 1983-1987 – Bond Gideon 1980 – Deborah Adair 1980-1983, Jess Walton 1986-1987-present

William “Bill” Foster, Sr. – Charles H. Gray 1975-1976

George Curtis – Anthony Geary 1973

Brad Eliot – Tom Hallick 1973-1978

Pierre Roulland – Robert Clary 1973-1974

Pierre Charles “Chuckie” Roulland Roulland – Marc Bently 1973-1974?

Dr. Casey Reed – Roberta Leighton 1978-1981, 1984, 1985-1989, 1998

Karen Becker – Brandi Tucker 1976-1978

Nancy Becker – Cathy Carricaburu 1976-1978

Ron Becker – Dick DeCoit 1976-1978

Jennifer Brooks – Dorothy Green 1973-1977


Well, that’s another installment of my blogs featuring The Young and The Restless, see you back with more in the near future…

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