The Young and the Restless (Soap Opera) Part 1

I have been watching this show since the 1970’s…my favorite character was Paul Williams (Doug Davidson)…to this day he is still on the show. I was realizing a lot of the characters from the past are still on or have returned from time to time to reprise their roles for special occasions…that is what I love about this show…feels good to turn it on and see familiar faces.

The Young and the Restless first aired back in 1973…it was created by Bill Bell and Lee Phillip Bell (Bill Bell’s daughter Lauralee Bell has been playing Cricket Blair on and off for years, I just saw her on the show the other day talking with Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian)!

The show is set in a fictional Wisconsin town called Genoa City…when the show first started back in 1973 it featured two main families the wealthy Brooks family and the working class Foster family.

The Brooks family consisted of Stuart Brooks (Robert Colbert) & Jennifer Brooks (Dorothy Green), their 4 daughters Leslie (Janice Lynde, Victoria Mallory), Chris (Trish Stewart, Lynne Topping Richter), Lauralee “Lorie” (birth daughter of Bruce Henderson) (Jaime Lyn Bauer) & Peggy (Pamela Peters Solow).

The Foster family consisted of William Foster (Charles H. Gray) & Liz Foster Brooks (Julianna McCarthy), their 2 sons Snapper Foster (David Hasselhoff) & Greg Foster (Wings Hauser) and their daughter Jill Foster Brooks (Brenda Dickinson, Deborah Adair, Melinda Fee, Judith Chapman, Jess Walton).

These families have since been replaced in the early 1980’s with the Abbotts and the Williams…

The Abbott family consists of John Abbott (Brett Halsey, Jerry Douglas) & Dina Abbott (Marla Adams) their daughters Ashley Suzanne Abbott (Eileen Davidson, Brenda Epperson Doumani, Shari Shattuck) & Traci Ann Abbott (Beth Maitland) and their son Jack Abbott (Terry Lester, Peter Bergman).

The Williams family consists of Carl Williams (Brett Hadley) & Mary Williams (Carolyn Conwell) their 3 sons Steven Williams (David Winn), Paul Williams (Doug Davidson), Todd Williams (Corbin Bernsen, Corbin is real-life son of Jeanne Cooper who plays Katherine Chancellor) & their daughter Patty Williams (Andrea Evans, Lilbet Stern, Stacey Haiduk).

The characters from the Abbott and Williams families were integrated into the series while the Brooks and Foster families, with the exception of Jill, were phased out. The continuity of the feud between Jill and Katherine, which began in the early years of the show, smoothed the transition. The relationship between the two characters remained a central theme throughout the series and became the longest lasting rivalry in daytime history.


Well, that is all for now but I would like to continue on with more of The Young and the Restless in some future blogs…

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