This band was made up of some talented, hot looking guys with long hair! They were a glam metal band who came together in 1987 in Queens, New York and consisted of former Hotshot members lead vocalist Mike Pont, bassist Bruno Ravel, and drummer Steve West, guitarist Al Pitrelli and former Get With It  keyboardist Kasey Smith. Mike Pont later left the band and was replaced by Ted Poley. After one failed demo they did another one and they got a recording contract with Epic Records. In 1988, Pitrelli left Danger Danger. Pont and Pitrelli reunited to form a new line-up of Hotshot.

In 1989, Saraya guitarist Tony “Bruno” Rey joined the band briefly and played on some of Danger Danger’s debut album. Andy Timmons replaced him and played on the rest of their debut album, which was released in the same year. Their debut album had two hits which were “Naughty Naughty” and “Bang Bang.” The band went on tour opening for KISS, Alice Cooper, Extreme and Warrant. Random thought inserted here: I remember Alice Cooper when he was being interviewed on some talk show saying that once when his young son had a sleepover he decided to scare them and I think he had on some of his crazy looking makeup and jumped out at the boys and his son said oh don’t mind him, that’s just my dad Alice! I thought that was so funny! Back to Danger Danger…

In 1991 the band released Screw It! This album had two hits “Monkey Business” and “I Still Think About You.” They once again went on tour with KISS. After the tour, Kasey Smith left the band. Another interruption, KISS, hmm I always liked Gene Simmons, he was so silly with that long tongue and all…I watch his show Gene Simmons Family Jewels and was disappointed after seeing what happened with him and Shannon Tweed. I know she knew going into this relationship what she was in for with all the touring and women, but good grief man…it is time to give that groupie crap up! He has 2 great kids who you can see obviously love him and such a cute mother who adores her son! I hope they can get things straightened out and have a good life together! They make a great couple and I cannot see one without the other!

In 1993, Danger Danger had their third album titled Cockroach. Singer Ted Poley was fired after the making of this album and it was not released due to lawsuits brought about by Poley. Paul Laine was hired by Ravel and West as the new singer and he re-recorded the vocals for the new album. But epic shelved the album and Danger Danger parted ways with them. Andy Timmons also left the band to pursue a solo career.

Ravel and West went on to form their own label and released their album titled Dawn in 1995. The band added bassist Scott Brown and they went on tour in the U.S..

In 1998 they released Four the Hard Way, Andy Timmons and Kasey Smith contributed to the album. In 2000 The Return of the Great Gildersleeves was released. Finally in 2001, what was supposed to be their third album, Cockroach was released. In 2002 the song “Naughty Naughty Christmas” was featured in the Tim Allen movie The Santa Clause 2. I liked this movie, it was my favorite one out of the Santa Clause movies. Elizabeth Mitchell is awesome in it, I have always enjoyed everything she has been in, such an amazing actress! Anyways back to Danger Danger, got sidetracked there for a minute, which comes naturally to me, lol!

In 2003 the album Rare Cuts was released which included a collection of unreleased and rare tracks and in 2005 Live and Nude was released.

On September 19, 2009, Danger Danger released, Revolve, featuring the return of Poley as lead singer, as well as new member, guitarist Rob Marcello.

This band had gone through many changes but kept right on producing new material and as of this year, 2011, are still touring!

And if electric light doesn’t cry when it has to go down cellar in the dark, to get a piece of coal for the fire to play with, you shall next hear about another exciting celebrity in just 7 days…

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