NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK (Little history on how the boys met)

Glad to see you back, here’s another installment of the New Kids On The Block, with a little history about how the boys met each other.

In the early years Jordan, Jon, Danny & Donnie all attended the William Monroe Trotter School. Donnie & Danny tried out for the William Monroe Trotter School Chorus, Danny, Jordan and Jonathan were accepted, but Donnie was not. After elementary school the 4 boys all were enrolled in the Phyllis Wheatley Middle School. However, Jon & Jordan won scholarships to Thayer Academy. So the boys all went on with their lives with school and such.

Jordan & Danny would practice breaking and body-popping on street corners and in school yards. They even got a job in the summer as camp counselors teaching kids to breakdance.

Jon was engrossed in his job as a teen but dreamed of being a huge pop star one day.

Danny & Donnie hung out together and dubbed themselves the Kool Aid Bunch. That gave Donnie confidence and he auditioned for the school’s drama club, and landed roles in several school productions and plays. He loved entertaining people and putting on a good show.

As a little kid Joe McIntyre used to pretend to be a rock star. At age 6 he joined the church choir and has been performing, and loving the applause, ever since.

In 1984 a memorable day indeed, Donnie heard about some auditions for a dance group being held by a man named Maurice Starr and talent manager Mary Alford. He went to the audition and rapped for Maurice who told him he was the best rapper he’d seen. After his audition he contacted Jon and Jordan Knight and asked them to try out for the band and they got in right away. Then Donnie met up with his good bud Danny and told him about it and he got in.

Joe McIntyre was the last to get into the band, he replaced Jamie Kelley who’s parents thought he was too young to be exposed to show business. Joe had never met the other guys until the fateful day when he became the fifth member. Jordan, Jon, Danny and Donnie didn’t accept poor little Joe right away and picked on him! Awww But soon enough the other Kids began to respect Joe, not only for his talent, but for the great guy he is!

Once the band was recruited they had some hard work ahead they not only would be singing but also learning some fancy footwork! Their “debut was in 1985 show at the Joseph Lee School in Dorcester, Massachusetts.

After the boys spent hours in the recording studio working very closely with Maurice, the debut album from NKOTB was ready to be shipped! In 1986 the album New Kids On The Block was available in record stores. That album did not do very well but their next album in 1988 Hangin Tough was a hit. And so it was the fabulous 5 was born!

So if the doggy doesn’t wiggle his tail so hard that he knocks over the milk bottle when it’s trying to slide down the door mat, I will be back in 7 days for another fantastico blog…

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