Balthazar Getty was born Paul Balthazar Getty in Tarzana, California on January 22, 1975. He was raised in San Francisco before being sent to private school in the United Kingdom, where he was enrolled at Gordonstoun School, a boarding school that has educated three generations of the British Royal Family. His dad is Paul Getty who is a  writer as well as an actor and mom is Gisela Martine Getty who is a professional photographer and documentary filmmaker and a native of Germany. He has one maternal half-sister named Anna who has also been bitten by the acting bug! He is the great-grandson of multi-millionaire J. Paul Getty, founder of the Getty Oil Company, and at one time one of the richest men in the world.

Getty was discovered during a search for young actors to play the roles of the 25 military cadets who get stranded on an island in the film, Lord Of The Flies. He was in his art class, when casting agents walked by the room and spotted him, they had been searching his Los Angeles school looking for a fella to play “Ralph”! He had this to say about his character, “He’s sensitive and caring,” Balthazar says. “He always wants to worry about everything and really cares about everybody.” Although he was pretty much an unknown prior to filming Lord Of The Flies, his fine performance in the film opened a lot of eyes in Hollywood to his talents! During the filming of LOTF, Balthazar traveled to Jamacia where he and the rest of the cast encountered a hurricane while there that nearly stranded both cast and crew!

While filming he became best pals with Chris Furrh who played “Jack” in LOTF. Even though they were enemies in the movie, these two were best buddies in real life! They even wore matching necklaces they got while filming their flick in Jamaica! He and Chris had this guy on the island carve a mermaid and a wishbone out of this black coral they found on the beach. They took a wishbone and mermaid, strung it on a thick black cord and made a promise to always wear it! The experience in Jamaica really changed Getty in a positive ways. Before filming, he couldn’t really work with a team, he liked working on his own. He felt it gave him more patience with other people, including his own family.

Balthazar went from heading a cast of unknowns in Lord Of The Flies to joining some of the best known names in Hollywood in the film Young Guns II. Along Emilio Esteves, Kiefer Sutherland and Lou Diamond Phillips, Balthazar plays the youngest Young Gun, Thomas O’Folliard, in this exciting sequel. Don’t blink when you see the movie, ’cause it also features a cameo appearance by hot rocker Jon Bon Jovi!

Balthazar has lived all over the world, including England, Italy, Germany and the U.S.! He loves to travel! One of his most unusual trips was one when he was 15 years old, he, his mother Gisela and sister Anna traveled to Russia for Christmas vacation and spent two weeks just outside the city of Moscow. He loved the cultural differences in Russia, the unusual styles of music, architecture and food. He sampled all the different types of native Russian food, although one dish he ate stood out in his mind above others. It seemed for the entire two weeks that he was there, all he ate was potatoes and onions fried together! He and his sis Anna invented a creative way to pass the time. Using a small river which had frozen due to Russia’s very cold climate, the pair had fun kicking a dull-edged knife over the slick ice. They kind of played hockey with it!

Other films Balthazar has appeared in are Natural Born Killers, Judge Dredd, White Squall, Lost Highway, Big City Blues, The Center of the World, Deuces Wild, Ladder 49, Feast and the television series Traffic.

He has guest-starred on the television series Charmed as Richard Montana, a male witch who at one point was romantically linked with Paige Matthews. He appeared in the fifth season of the hit show Alias as Agent Thomas Grace. He starred, alongside Alias costar Ron Rifkin & Sally Fields, in the ABC prime time drama Brothers & Sisters, which first aired in September 2006. Getty played the role of Thomas “Tommy” Walker, one of the five Walker siblings. I really enjoyed this show every Sunday night but sadly it was canceled, I have seen it on repeats on ABC & The Soap Net Channel, it’s worth a watch if you like family drama.

On a personal note Getty married fashion designer Rosetta Millington in 2001. They have a son, Cassius Paul, and three daughters: Grace, Violet, and June Catherine.

Balthazar Getty Tidbits:

-He played Kate Capshaw’s son in the movie, Home Grown, where he was a rodeo rider.

-His father, J. Paul Getty III, was kidnapped while on vacation in 1973. Although his family initially refused to pay the hefty ransom, the gangsters convinced them to do so by slicing off his right ear and sending it to a newspaper.

-He fell out of a tree and broke both arms shortly before filming his 1990 breakthrough role in Lord of the Flies; his injuries were worked into the movie.

-He founded production company called 5150.

-He formed the band Ringside with friend Scott Thomas, releasing a self-titled debut album in 2005.

-He appeared in pal David Arquette’s directorial debut The Tripper (2007).

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