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Favorite Cartoons of the Past – Part 3 *The Jackson 5ive*

The Jackson 5ive was an animated cartoon that premiered on the Saturday Morning Cartoon line-up on September 11, 1971 It was directed by Arthur Rankin, Jr. and Jules Bass. It lasted until 1973 with 23 episodes, but had a comeback in 1984-85 in syndication, due to Michael Jackson’s immense popularity as a solo artist.

The Jackson brothers themselves—Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, and Michael—were unable to contribute to the show in any way due to scheduling conflicts, although the group did pose for some posters prior to the show’s release to advertise the forthcoming Saturday morning cartoon. Only their music was used; however, during the music montages, a clipping of the Jackson 5 appearing in concert would air occasionally to blend in with the cartoon.

The Jackson 5ive featured the band in a series of comic misadventures, usually sandwiched around two songs per show. The songs were derived from their albums Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5, ABC, Maybe Tomorrow, and Third Album. In the newer episodes, from 1972–73, songs were derived from Michael Jackson’s album Got to Be There and two songs from the Jackson 5 album Lookin’ Through the Windows.The show’s theme song was a specially recorded medley of four Jackson 5 #1 hits—”I Want You Back”, “The Love You Save”, “ABC”, and “Mama’s Pearl”.

Since Michael Jackson owned many pets in real-life the show added a few pet characters that included Michael’s pet mice, Ray and Charles (alluding to singer Ray Charles), and his pet snake Rosie ‘The Crusher’.

1. “It All Started With…”
2. “Pinestock U.S.A.”
3. “Drafted”
4. “Mistaken Identity” Love Music
5. “Bongo, Baby, Bongo”
6. “The Winner’s Circle”
7. “Cinderjackson”
8. “The Wizard of Soul”
9. “The Tiny Five”
10.”The Groovatron”
11.”Ray and Charles: Superstars”
12.”Farmer Jacksons”
13.”Jackson Island”
14.”The Michael Look”
15.”Jackson Street, U.S.A.”
17.”A Rare Pearl”


EPISODES -SEASON 2 – The New Jackson Five Show
1. “Who’s Hoozis?”
2. “Michael White”
3. “Groove To The Chief”
4. “Michael In Wonderland”
5. “Jackson and The Beanstalk”
6. “The Opening Act”


1. Paul Frees (The J5’s Producer/Additional voices)
2. Donald Fullilove (Michael)
3. Edmund Sylvers (Marlon)
4. Joel Cooper (Jermaine)
5. Mike Martinez (Tito)
6. Craig Grandy (Jackie)
7. Diana Ross (Diana)


1. Country of origin:United States
2. Producer(s):Arthur Rankin, Jr. & Jules Bass
3. Running time:30 Minutes
4. Production company(s):Rankin/Bass Productions
5. Motown Productions
6. Broadcast:Original channel(ABC)
7. Original Run:September 11, 1971 – September 1, 1973

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