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NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK (Little history on how the boys met)

Glad to see you back, here’s another installment of the New Kids On The Block, with a little history about how the boys met each other.

In the early years Jordan, Jon, Danny & Donnie all attended the William Monroe Trotter School. Donnie & Danny tried out for the William Monroe Trotter School Chorus, Danny, Jordan and Jonathan were accepted, but Donnie was not. After elementary school the 4 boys all were enrolled in the Phyllis Wheatley Middle School. However, Jon & Jordan won scholarships to Thayer Academy. So the boys all went on with their lives with school and such.

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New Kids On The Block


Hello all you New Kids On The Block junkies! Pull a chair up and have a listen to my first installment of a blog on those fabulous Boston Boys!

Every generation of teenage girls has had at least one teen idol to call its own, who was yours?

In the 1940’s girls screamed for crooner Frank Sinatra. In the 1950’s, a boy toy named Elvis swiveled his pelvis and drove the girls wild! The 1960’s brought “John, Paul, George and Ringo,” the Beatles, while the 1970’s served up the Monkees, the Osmond Brothers and the Jackson Five.

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