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Katy Perry was born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson on October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, California. She started singing at an early age in her parents’ ministry in their church between the ages of 9 and 17. She grew up listening to gospel music, was not allowed to listen to what her mother called “secular music”, and attended Christian schools and camps. She also learned to dance when she was young. She got her GED and after that decided to leave school to pursue a music career. Katy says she started singing “because [she] was at that point in [her] childhood where [she] was copycatting [her] sister and everything she [would do]. She would take her sister’s cassette tapes and rehearse the music and perform in front of her parents and they suggested she take vocal coaching. She took their advice and took lessons from the age of 9 until she was 16.

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I Love TV Commercials – Part 2 *Tootsie Roll Pops*

Tootsie Roll Pops are known for the catch phrase “How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?”. The phrase was first introduced in an animated commercial which debuted on U.S. television in 1970.

The dialogue to the 60-second version is as follows:

Questioning Boy (Buddy Foster): Mr. Cow…

Mr. Cow (Frank Nelson): Yeeeeesss!!?

Boy: How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?!

Mr. Cow: I don’t know, I always end up biting. Ask Mr. Fox, for he’s much cleverer than I.

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Prometheus is a 2012 science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott and written by Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof (you may remember his for his work on the TV series LOST). The film began development in the early 2000s as a fifth entry in the Alien franchise, with both Scott and director James Cameron developing ideas for a film that would serve as a prequel to Scott’s 1979 science fiction horror film Alien. According to Scott, though the film shares “strands of Alien’s DNA, so to speak”, and takes place in the same universe, Prometheus will explore its own mythology and ideas.

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Favorite TV Shows of the Past – Part 2 “The Bob Newhart Show”

This is going to be a rather long blog, the reason being, I LOVED The Bob Newhart Show and still watch it in reruns almost every night on ME TV! This show starred Bob Newhart as Bob Hartley a psychologist who deals with his patients and fellow co-workers, and his home life with his loving wife Emily (Suzanne Pleshette). Bob & Emily’s neighbor was Howard Borden, an airline navigator, played by Bill Daily. He is always popping in on Bob & Emily as he lives right next door in the same apartment building (I can hear him now, “Hi Bob! Hi Emily!) At the medical office where Bob has his psychology practice are Jerry Robinson, D.D.S.(Peter Bonerz), an orthodontist who shared the office suite, and their joke-loving receptionist, Carol Kester (Marcia Wallace).

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Favorite TV Shows of the Past – Part 1 *Family Affair*

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