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Kirk Cameron was born Kirk Thomas Cameron on October 12, 1970 in Los Angeles. His parents are Robert Cameron, a retired school teacher, and Barbara Bausmith, a stay-at-home mom. He has three sisters, Bridgette, Melissa, and Candace. He went to school on the set of Growing Pains, as opposed to a normal school and graduated at 17 with high honors.

Kirk began acting at age nine, and his first job was in a commercial for a breakfast cereal. His first starring role was at age 10, in the television series Two Marriages. In the early 80’s he appeared in several television shows and films which included, Goliath Awaits, Beyond Witch Mountain & Starflight: The Plane That Couldn’t Land.

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Balthazar Getty was born Paul Balthazar Getty in Tarzana, California on January 22, 1975. He was raised in San Francisco before being sent to private school in the United Kingdom, where he was enrolled at Gordonstoun School, a boarding school that has educated three generations of the British Royal Family. His dad is Paul Getty who is a  writer as well as an actor and mom is Gisela Martine Getty who is a professional photographer and documentary filmmaker and a native of Germany. He has one maternal half-sister named Anna who has also been bitten by the acting bug! He is the great-grandson of multi-millionaire J. Paul Getty, founder of the Getty Oil Company, and at one time one of the richest men in the world.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt was born on February 21, 1979. You could say she always had dreams of being a star. Even at the early age of three she sang “The Greatest Love of All” at a livestock show and at four years old she entertained an audience at a restaurant-dance hall, with her version of “Help Me Make It Through the Night”. By five she was already tap dancing and doing ballet. At nine, she became a member of the Texas Show Team (which also toured in the Soviet Union). At the age of ten, at the suggestion of talent scouts and after gaining the title of “Texas Our Little Miss Talent Winner”, she moved to Los Angeles with her mother to pursue a career in both acting and singing. Jennifer attended Lincoln High School where her classmates included Jonathan Neville, who became a talent scout and recommended Hewitt for her role in Party of Five.  After moving to Los Angeles she appeared in more than twenty television commercials, including some for Mattel toys.

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Vanilla Ice was born Robert Matthew Van Winkle on Halloween Day, October 31, 1967. Hip hop had an inpact on Vanilla Ice at an early age, saying, “It’s a very big passion of mine because I love poetry. I was just heavily influenced by that whole movement and it’s molded me into who I am today.” Between the ages of 13 and 14, Vanilla Ice practiced breakdancing, which led to his friends nicknaming him “Vanilla”, because he was the only one in the group that wasn’t African American. Although he disliked the nickname, it stuck. Shortly afterward, he started battle rapping at parties and because of his rhymes, his friends started calling him “MC Vanilla”, however when he became a member of a breakdance troupe, his stage name was “Vanilla Ice” combining his nickname “Vanilla” with one of his breakdance moves, the “Ice”. When he was 16 years old he wrote “Ice Ice Baby” basing its lyrics on a weekend he had with friend and band member D-Shay in South Florida. The lyrics describe a drive-by shooting and praise Vanilla Ice’s rhyming skills.

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