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Chad Allen was born Chad Allen Lazzarion on June 5, 1974. He has a twin sister named Charity. Chad is basically Italian with a little German mixed in. He was raised within a “strict” Roman Catholic household and regards himself as being a “deeply spiritual person” because of his upbringing. His first job was in a McDonalds television commercial, at age four. One of his first television acting jobs was in 1981 on the TV Series Simon & Simon (which starred the sexy Jameson Parker, who I used to watch on the Soap Opera One Life To Live in the 1980’s) in the episode: “A Recipe for Disaster”. Chad went onto St. Elsewhere where he played Tommy Westphall on 11 episodes between 1983-1988. One of my favorite actors from St. Elsewhere was Mark Harmon (Mark is the uncle to Gunnar & Matthew Nelson, you know those blond guys that took up singing like their famous dad Rick Nelson) Anyways back to Chad…He also did some guest starring roles in the 1980’s on shows like Airwolf, The New Leave It to Beaver, Matt Houston, Hotel, A Death in California, Code of Vengeance, Punky Brewster & Webster.

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Aaron Carter was born Aaron Charles Carter on December 7, 1987. You probably all know his older brother Nick Carter of The Backstreet Boys! Aaron also has a twin sister named Angel who is an inspiring model. Aaron is very close with his twin sister Angel, she has traveled with Aaron on tour and even appeared in the video “Shake It”. He also has 2 other sisters BJ and Leslie. Older sister Leslie is an up-and-coming pop star in her own right. She and Aaron have performed and toured together. Away from the limelight, they like to play piano and keyboards together. Oldest sister Bobby Jean, or B.J. as her siblings and friends call her, has done some modeling and hopes to break into acting.

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I bet most of you know Fred Savage from his early days on the hit 1980’s TV series The Wonder Years. It was a cool show centering around Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) and his life as a teenager growing up in the 1960’s. I enjoyed it and still tune into the reruns on TV.

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I don’t really know a lot about Stephen but I do remember him in the 1994 movie Backbeat where he played Stuart Sutcliffe, his girlfriend on there was Astrid Kirchherr (played by Sheryl Lee who was Laura Plamer on Twin Peaks, what a weird film/series, I remember feeling spacy after watching, well even during that show, LOL). Backbeat chronicled the early days of The Beatles in Hamburg, Germany. It mainly focused on the relationship between Stuart Sutcliffe (played by Stephen Dorff) and John Lennon (played by Ian Hart), and also with Sutcliffe’s German girlfriend Astrid Kirchherr (played by Sheryl Lee). Others in this film were – Paul McCartney (played by Gary Bakewell), George Harrison (played by Chris O’Neill), Ringo Starr (played by Paul Duckworth). Now Gary Bakewell later reprised his role as McCartney in the television film The Linda McCartney Story (Elizabeth Mitchell did an excellent portrayal of Linda McCartney in this film! I really enjoyed this movie although it was so sad when she died.)

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